International cooperation: the Eti-Oni Cocoa Festival in Nigeria


The biggest show, CHOCOA SHOW of Amsterdam, dedicated to cocoa and chocolate in Europe for sustainability, improved quality and standards and building bridges announce International Cooperation with COCOA FESTIVAL of Eti-Oni, Nigeria in their latest newsletter

International Co-operation: the Eti-Oni Cocoa Festival in Nigeria

Chocoa has gained a prominent position on the calendar of many international cocoa events. We are proud to cooperate with other events in Europe, Latin America and Africa: exchanging information, mutual participations in trade shows, conferences and more. In our newsletters we will present our international partners. This month the spotlight is on the cocoa festival in the Eti-Oni Kingdom, Osun State, Nigeria, home to the oldest cocoa plantations in the country. Check the Trade Fair and Conference on Thursday November 30th and Friday December 1st. Read more.

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